[AusNOG] FW: Proposal for APNIC annual service fee

Skeeve Stevens skeeve at skeeve.org
Tue Aug 8 23:41:12 EST 2006

For the information of the Australian ISP Community (and those associated).

Seems APNIC is now going to charge for Historical allocations (IP & AS).
The fee isn't too much... But I thought it worthwhile to forward.


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Dear members of the APNIC community

The proposal "Proposal for APNIC annual service fee" is being sent to this
list for comment. It will be presented at the APNIC Member Meeting at APNIC
22 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 4-8 September 2006. 
You are invited to review and comment on the proposal on this mailing list
before the meeting.

The proposal's history can be found at:



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