[AusNOG] FW: Bogon Filters Removal REQ, 124/7, 126/8

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Tue Dec 6 20:26:01 EST 2005


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Subject: Bogon Filters Removal REQ, 124/7, 126/8

Dear colleagues,

This is a resend of APNIC message issued Feb this year,  many of you have
not removed the filters creating problems for many networks in Australia and
other APNIC covered countries, as the below mentioned 'near future' has been
well underway for some couple of months.

It would be appreciated if you could act on this notice at your very
earliest convenience if you suspect you are a guilty party :)

Thanks in advance.

[APNIC Members] [Apnic-announce]
APNIC new IPv4 addresses
Fri, 4 Feb 2005 16:28:07 +1000 (EST)

Dear colleagues

APNIC received IPv4 address blocks 124/7 and 126/8 from IANA in January
2005 and will be making allocations from these ranges in the near future.

This announcement is being made for the information of the Internet
community so that network configurations such as routing filters may be
updated as appropriate.

For more information on the resources administered by APNIC, see:


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