[AusNOG] Lightning and FTTC - is it really this bad?

Michael Junek michael at juneks.com.au
Wed Jan 20 21:54:07 EST 2021

Hi Troy,

Lightning has always been an issue for the copper network – the old adage “don’t use the phone in a storm” comes to mind.
Certainly where my mum is, in Springwood, the copper is above-ground-- you often see a 100-pair floating off the power poles, with the house pair coming from a jumper box mounted up high. This would contribute towards the issues seen.
So it definitely has some merit – my mum has already had to have the FTTC NCD replaced once in the (less than) 12 months she’s had an NBN connection.

The article states “Our technical teams continuously look to investigate ways to reduce the impact of lightning on our electronic equipment with ongoing testing and trials as part of this process.” – this I can attest to, as I have two properties which will be participating in these trials.


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I'm confused as to how FTTC would suffer more from lightning strike related issues than other ground conducting technologies?

Is it something about the Blue Mountains in particular, or is this article rubbish?

(Paywall, open in incognito if so inclined)


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