[AusNOG] Juniper SRX300 on Aussie Broadband NBN HFC - DHCP Issue

Simon Dixon simon at dicko.net.au
Thu Jan 14 14:39:53 EST 2021

Guessing your RE traffic CoS bits are set to default try setting them to BE
with the following config

set class-of-service host-outbound-traffic ieee-802.1 default be



On Thu, 14 Jan 2021 at 11:17, Tim Dykes <ttdykes at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey Guys,
> Anyone out there running a Juniper SRX on a NBN HFC link with Aussie BB?
> I'm having issues that sound like a DHCP problem where we can't get an
> address. Searching around we have found references to a DHCP issue where
> the juniper sends DHCP options out of order (or that NBN fiddles with
> options in a way that only effects Juniper) but cannot find any definitive
> answer or anything saying this was true/false fixed or unrelated.
> We are running JunOS 19X so would assume any horrible non compliant DHCP
> bugs would be fixed.
> Anyone able to throw me a working config or verify that there is/was a
> known issue with this.
> Thanks.
> /Tim
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