[AusNOG] NBN FttN Power Resilience

Phillip Smith fukawi2 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 16:46:06 EST 2020

Hi all,

Does anyone have any current information on how resilient the FttN is to
power outages? NBNco outright denies it will work during an outage [1], but
that's not the evidence I'm seeing.

SP AusNet is getting worse and worse with power supply, so we recently
installed a whole-home backup generator. We had an ~20 hour outage
yesterday. We retained connectivity for almost 12 hours; I saw a generator
being connected at the local exchange not long after and we were back
online again after ~2 hours, and stayed online since (including another ~5
hours without mains power).

I would install a 4G failover/backup, but when the power goes out and
everyone's WiFi goes off, the mobile network gets overloaded - we can
barely make phone calls, let alone use data.... So I'm kinda SOL :(

(If it's relevant, we're in the Yarra Valley area)


[1] https://www.nbnco.com.au/learn/what-happens-in-a-power-blackout
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