[AusNOG] Requests for Transit or other connectivity options

Jason Bordujenko jason.bordujenko+ausnog at megaport.com
Tue Mar 24 12:42:47 EST 2020

Have seen a couple of queries today regarding transit needs, and
particularly across real-time deployment platforms such as Megaport.

If you have a portal account, you can see who is offering Transit Services
(local or blended) via Megaport Marketplace at
https://portal.megaport.com/marketplace - simply filter under ‘Provider
Type/Network Services/Transit’ and select for your country of interest (eg
Country = Australia).

You will then be able to browse where those listing Transit services are
available and their points of Interconnect (down to DC level in a given
Metro). Remember the Megaport VXC costs for ’same metro’ are flat (single)
rate up to 1G and 1G-10G. We are able to provide inter-metro connections
via a per-Mbps sliding scale also in real time.

If you are a provider of Transit (or other) services and have a Megaport
with the ability to accept inbound connections (VXCs) for this purpose from
customers, you may create/update your profile to be visible on the
Marketplace/categorised appropriately via
https://portal.megaport.com/marketplace/profile and then select the port/s
you wish to advertise and change from ‘Private’ to ‘Public’. You or your
commercial teams will be able to receive requests for
pricing/information/availability directly from customers - we do not get in
the way of this communication, merely facilitate the connectivity between
customers on the platform.

As such, also be reminded if you have an active Marketplace account please
ensure your contact details that are listed above are up to date and being
monitored/responded to in a timely manner as we are seeing an increase in
requests via these mechanisms.


*Jason Bordujenko*
*Head of Solutions - APAC*

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