[AusNOG] FYI: Telstra carrier interconnects are full

Rob Thomas xrobau at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 14:41:36 EST 2020

> I don't doubt that you're right Rob, but help me out here. Surely
> voice traffic is such a tiny drop in the networking-traffic bucket
> that any sort of increase is still largely insignificant.
> Are you saying that voice interconnects are big, fat, pipes and that
> ramping them up is a big deal?

Yes. With Telstra, it's an EXTRAORDINARLY big deal. You still have to
use specific hardware, and SS7 signaling over ISDN

Note: This may be out of date, but I was previously told I *had* to
use a Dialogic gateway, and buy a craptonne of ISDN from them.before
the'd even think about it. I may be slandering them, and if I am
incorrect, please accept my apologies, and BTW Hey, Telstra, I want
500 channels of interconnect over SIP please 8)


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