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Tony Wicks tony at wicks.co.nz
Sun Mar 22 17:01:50 EST 2020

>Sorry from uneducated understanding but how practical would have fibre to the home end-to-end across the country really been? I'm sure this is something Bevan might understand with his experience truck rolling fibre installs. But surely backhoe->ing the whole country is a nice idea in theory but surely this would have never scaled/taken a long time/cost a lot of money?

Actually glance about 2000km to the East and you will se how practical and successfully it can be done. In the FTTH rollout in NZ is only a few years from completion, it now moving down to the towns of 2000 houses size (yes a house in a tiny little town can get gigabit FTTH). Its pretty simple really, where power is overhead so is the fibre. I have a nice 1G/0.5G service at home (retail about $90AU/mth) and 2G/2G &4G/4G are rolling out by mid year. If there is sufficient will and force removing companies trying to clip the ticket on the way by then its very practical. The really funny thing is a significant amount of the dwelling penetration/installation is actually being done by an Australian contract company (visionstream). Cities in NZ are built pretty much the same way as in Australia, the whole its too hard to do all the house penetrations has comprehensively been proved to be absolute rubbish (the excuse of Australia being bigger and harder is bolloks, the bulk of the cost is in the penetration and this is almost identical). The difference between the way it’s been successfully done in NZ and not in Australia is the Government plaid hardball with Telecom NZ (power companies got the contracts in several areas) and they split into two companies (Chorus, the lines company and Spark the retail service provider). In Australia the government did nothing that might upset Telstra shareholder value, and that’s how you get NBN.


Hmm, do I upgrade my home connection to 4G, the problem is my 10G switch is pretty noisy and I don’t think the missus would like it running all the time…. What an issue to grapple with…



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