[AusNOG] Leaky Feeder & UTP

John England john at bitwave.com.au
Wed Mar 4 18:58:08 EST 2020

>From experience I'd just stay away from ethernet anywhere near VHF radio's and run fiber everywhere.

I've had multiple parallel runs over ~30M near a 5W radio using grounded armoured cable and depending on the device I either lose link or get RX errors. Tried filters and different grounding configurations with no success.

Also if the VHF gear is doing any receiving you will increase their noise floor.

John England

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On 03/03/2020 11:06 pm, John Edwards wrote:
> Separation distance is also prudent for electrical safety between 
> systems that have different electrical characteristics, in the event 
> of an incident that causes the cables to become uninsulated and in 
> contact with each other.

Thanks John - Hence my question on distance.

We're looking at 500mm separation, but was looking to see what others use.

Thanks Nathan - VHF, Repeaters supporting 148-175Mhz.  And the obvious carrier signal on ethernet of 125Mhz.

Essentially, UTP tails present parallel for short tunnel distances to present WAPs from field cabinets.  No ethernet repeaters, all fibre backhual.


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