[AusNOG] AAPT NWB down

Nathan Brookfield Nathan.Brookfield at simtronic.com.au
Wed Mar 4 14:21:44 EST 2020

100% not you, it’s quite a few of us, in Equinix ME1 at least.

I’m right behind you in the queue....


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On 4 Mar 2020, at 14:16, Tim Sandy <timsandy at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi All,
I've had all of my VPDN tunnels to my AAPT NWB core go down and not come back, around 12:50 today.
Peering still up and LAC addresses still received, but no tunnels.

I've been on hold with support for over 40 minutes waiting to talk to someone, and can't get onto my AM either.
There's a big spike on down detector - https://downdetector.com.au/status/aapt/melbourne/ - So I'm thinking it's not just me.

Anyone else seeing issues?
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