[AusNOG] Brocade and Cisco Coded EZX Optics

Martijn Schmidt martijnschmidt at i3d.net
Tue Mar 3 21:17:41 EST 2020

Hey Jarryd,

Flexoptix is your friend, 6 in stock at their warehouse in Germany today so if you don't have importing troubles they can be in Australia within a few days: https://www.flexoptix.net/en/transceiver/sfp-zx-plus-transceiver-1-gigabit-sm-1550nm-120km-32db-ddm-dom.html

Make sure to either grab yourself a Flexbox so you can re-program them to the right firmware in the field, or order them pre-programmed to the firmware of your choice when you grab them from the website.

Best regards,

On 3/3/20 10:36 AM, Jarryd Sullivan wrote:
Hi Noggers,

Hope everyone is well, I have an extremely urgent requirement for a couple of optics, I've looked everywhere locally and internationally from all the common sellers but delivery timeframes from the only places I can find these are beyond what I need.

Ideally I'd have these in Darwin by the end of the week.

I am looking for the following:

1x Brocade E1MG-EZX-120 1000BASE-EZX 1550nm 120km DOM transceiver (Like this: https://www.fs.com/au/products/49959.html)
1x Cisco GLC EZX-SM-120 1000BASE-EZX 1550nm 120km DOM transceiver (Like this: https://www.fs.com/au/products/48933.html)

If you have these and can get them to me by the end of the week, please message off list.

Many thanks,

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