[AusNOG] NBN Business connection challenge Gold Coast

Darren Moss Darren.Moss at cloud365.com.au
Thu Jul 30 10:37:22 EST 2020

Hi Noggers,

I have a business customer on the Gold Coast who has a small off-site workforce that produces multimedia content.

They are on NBN business however the last mile is copper which can't keep up.  Speed is around 40/10.

The site has about 10 computers, a bunch of SIP handsets, some video conferencing and video production equipment.

There are no economical fibre options so I am thinking along the lines of a PTP wireless solution as their location is elevated with good visibility of the central business area.

I am looking for at least 100MBps unlimited data and a static IP.

If you can help please touch base off list to discuss.

Many thanks

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