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We use standard dynamic sims from Telstra and Vodafone.

They plug into OpenGear devices and connect back to lighthouse software by OpenGear, so rather than us accessing them, they create a connection and call home to the lighthouse server that’s also not on our network via VPN, so it works on pretty much every carrier.

Each OOB site costs around $3 a month and doesn’t need a static IP.

Highly recommend it, it has been solid for us!
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We are about to evaluate exactly the same thing at the moment.  Looking at Australia first, but potentially globally.  Save almost $80k per month in OOB services globally if this stands up technically.  Talking to same provider in Australia.  Static IP etc.


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I've moved an LTE service we use for OOB over to ZettaNet from the previous provider who shall not be named :)   It was retail naturally but they may be able to offer you something compelling.


On 29 Jul 2020, at 2:12 pm, Benjamin Ricardo <ben.ricardo at acs.com.au<mailto:ben.ricardo at acs.com.au>> wrote:

Hi All,
Just wondering if anyone knows of a service provider (hopefully a wholesaler) that can provide us 3G,4G,LTE services with a static IPv4 address?

We’ve got a bunch we need to switch over ASAP as our previous wholesaler has decided that they’re not doing this anymore…. cause they don’t want to… *sigh*

Replies off list please,

Many thanks


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