[AusNOG] MMS + SMS to email with Calls to SIP

Shaun Deans shaun at kadeo.com.au
Thu Jul 16 15:33:50 EST 2020


With Twilio you can route inbound over an 'elastic sip trunk' to your own
server (we use asterisk) then do as you please. You could also direct the
inbound call to a TwilML Bin or response from your server and just hair pin
the call directly out from twilio to another number and pay twilio for the
outbound call.

With outbound you can route out over the same elastic sip trunk. For the
current use case we personally route out our regular provider and just
overstamp the CLID to match. But for a new use case we'll route out twilio.

Twilios programmable voice and other products  are so powerful and with
Twilio Studio it can all be done in a a GUI.

I'm about to launch a new project backed by twilio so I know it fairly well.



On Thu, 16 Jul 2020, 2:47 pm Stephen, <ausnog at privanon.me> wrote:

> Hi Shaun,
> Thanks for confirming that - in this instance, can you clarify if Twilio
> is handling the SIP, or if that is separately routed to a 3CX/similar
> instance? I haven’t done much with Twilio as of yet, so would just be
> looking to see what direction I should start heading with them, if I do go
> down that route.
> Additionally, are you doing outbound via the same mobile number, or is it
> only inbound? Either way, appreciate the response - thanks!
> On 16 Jul 2020, at 12:55, Shaun Deans wrote:
> Stephen;
> I currently use an AU Mobile number hosted with Twilio and route the
> inbound SMS to email (via a webhook) and our inbound calls are routing in
> via SIP.
> Twilio's MMS in Australia is converted to an SMS by the carrier with an
> embedded URL and password in the SMS. You then log into a mini site hosted
> by the carrier and download the MMS attachment.
> With a bit of code, the login to the site could be scraped and you could
> have your SMS to Email and Sip calls.
> If your interested in scoping something out I can certainly assist you.
> Cheers
> Shaun Deans
> M: 041 880 4195
> On Thu, Jul 16, 2020 at 12:33 PM Stephen <ausnog at privanon.me> wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Been looking for a solution that will allow us to either
>> a) Pop some SIM cards in a device, or
>> b) Port mobile numbers over to a VoIP provider
>> And upon doing so, receive calls to SIP, and SMS+MMS to email. I can’t
>> really find any products that can do this, and Twilio has confirmed they
>> can’t do it (MMS specifically) - same with Maxotel. Most providers
>> seem to do VoIP + SMS, but not MMS. Most devices I’ve found will
>> either do calls but not MMS+SMS, or MMS+SMS to email but no calls.
>> Can anyone make some suggestions around possible products? Or am I
>> restricted to putting permanent redirects on the mobile numbers with and
>> SMS+MMS receiving device? If so, are there any “industry standard”
>> ones here? Specifically it’s 3 SIM cards that we need to support.
>> Thanks!
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