[AusNOG] MMS + SMS to email with Calls to SIP

Stephen ausnog at privanon.me
Thu Jul 16 12:32:44 EST 2020

Hi folks,

Been looking for a solution that will allow us to either

a) Pop some SIM cards in a device, or
b) Port mobile numbers over to a VoIP provider

And upon doing so, receive calls to SIP, and SMS+MMS to email. I can’t 
really find any products that can do this, and Twilio has confirmed they 
can’t do it (MMS specifically) - same with Maxotel. Most providers 
seem to do VoIP + SMS, but not MMS. Most devices I’ve found will 
either do calls but not MMS+SMS, or MMS+SMS to email but no calls.

Can anyone make some suggestions around possible products? Or am I 
restricted to putting permanent redirects on the mobile numbers with and 
SMS+MMS receiving device? If so, are there any “industry standard” 
ones here? Specifically it’s 3 SIM cards that we need to support.

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