[AusNOG] Telstra IPv6 Wireless Enablement - IPv6 Single Stack

Russell Langton russell3901 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 15:27:25 EST 2020

Hi AusNOGgers,

Following our dual-stack enablement in Aug 2016, Telstra is proud the
announce the second step in our transition to IPv6 -  IPv6 Single-Stack
deployment on Telstra wireless.
This means shortly when you attach your mobile to Telstra.WAP APN it will
only get an Ipv6 address NO Ipv4 address.

 Note that the enablement is currently targeted at both pre and post-paid

This deployment of Ipv6 Single-Stack is only for Telstra.WAP APN which is
primarily used by handsets and tablets.
Telstra.internet APN is primary used for dongles, BYOD tablets, modems etc.
so this will remain as dual-stack.

 * timeframe *
We are planning to start the deployment on 10/2 and 13/2 in South Australia.
Further deployments in other states are planned by the end of Feb and will
be advised to the list.

* device scope *
Any Mobile device that is configured as Dual Stack for Telstra.wap, either
default or manually configured.
The scope of this change will impact devices that are using the latest
version of the operating system, either out of the box or through an OS
It will also impact Android devices which are configured for Telstra.wap
and manually configured for dual-stack.

 * Things to be aware of *
- This is a network based solution, when it receives a dual-stack request
it will only allocate a Ipv6 Address.
- Services on Telstra.WAP APN will only get a Ipv6 address(No Ipv4)
- This solution is using a DNS64+NAT64 setup.
- If your website/content/other is advertising a AAAA Ipv6 DNS
   => This may cause problems if your website is not 100% Ipv6
- Impact to apps is expected to be limited as all apps submitted to Apple
store have been DNS64/NAT64 mandated since June 1 2016.

 * Basic flow *
- If Alice is connecting to a website with a Ipv6 AAAA DNS record, It will
be a pure Ipv6 connection.
- If Alice is connecting to a website with only a A DNS record, our DNS
will spoof the website address with a Well Known Prefix (WKP) so it routes
to the NAT64 gateway to Ipv4 internet.
- If Alice is connecting to a Ipv4 address literal(x.x.x.x), It may fail.

 * Why is AusNOG hearing about this now *
This is a major step in Telstra's Ipv6 journey, and with all things there
will be teething issues when we launch.
We are aiming to work with community forums like AusNOG and Whirlpool to
ensure this is a smooth transition.

  *Contacting us*
For any assistance, Please refer to;
For apps which appear broken, it may not support ipv6 DNS64+NAT64, contact
your application support
CrowdSupport -
or reach out directly to Telstra Ipv6 Engineering team -
ipv6wirelessdeployment at team.telstra.com
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