[AusNOG] Peer with AWS through MegaIX

Andres Miedzowicz Andres.Miedzowicz at gsn.com.au
Thu Dec 31 10:57:54 EST 2020

Hello everyone,

Is someone aware if AWS will do bilateral peering over MegaIX in Melbourne and Sydney? I noticed they are not in the Route Server and peeringdb.com doesn't show them in those exchanges but the MegaIX looking glass does. If they do peering, do you have a contact email I can write to? I tried with peering-apac at amazon.com<mailto:peering-apac at amazon.com> but haven't received a response.

I saw a thread about this from 2018 in AusNOG that would indicate that they won't peer over MegaIX but maybe things have changed in a few years.


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