[AusNOG] DigitalOcean (AS14061) joins MANRS CDN and Cloud Providers program

Tim Raphael traphael at digitalocean.com
Fri Dec 18 04:46:51 EST 2020

Hi AusNOG Members,

DigitalOcean (AS14061) would like to announce that we’ve achieved the
routing security baseline required to be acknowledged under the MANRS CDN
and Cloud Providers Program.

Over the past year, we have worked to significantly enhance our routing
security posture by improving anti-spoofing measures, routing announcement
validation, and inbound route filtering. We are now selectively filtering
all bilateral peering sessions with RPKI RoV and IRR object records. We
encourage all peers to do either or both of the following: ensure that
their IRR records are up-to-date and sign ROAs for their IP space.

Moving into 2021, we will expand our RoV implementation and complete ROA
signings for the rest of our IP space.

For any other information, we have posted a blog over at

The peering team can always be reached at peering at digitalocean.com for any

Tim Raphael
Senior Network Engineer
traphael at digitalocean.com
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