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Troy Kelly troy at troykelly.com
Thu Dec 10 21:13:49 EST 2020

We have a handful of services with GPTEXB3 enabled, they are all under a business account though - I don't think this is available for residential.

It was a simple call, and more recently business online chat to get it enabled.

Of note though - IPv6 does not work with GPTEXB3 when you use telstra.extranet

We've tried reaching out to Telstra, and via the IPv6 transition email address and not had a response - so I assume it's just by design.


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On Thursday, 10 December 2020 9:07 PM, Paul Gear <ausnog at libertysys.com.au> wrote:

> Hi folks,

> Last I heard (on this list in 2014, if my email archive serves me
> correctly) it was possible to do this by connecting to the
> telstra.extranet APN, and Google tells me getting the data code GPTEXB3
> added to the SIM should be the only other step.  I have a friend who is
> trying to do this and getting the run-around from his usual Telstra
> contacts.

> Can any of you confirm or deny the above information is still current,
> and/or suggest the appropriate shibboleet [1] to get past square one
> with customer service?

> Thanks in advance,
> Paul

> 1.  https://xkcd.com/806/

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