[AusNOG] 4G router alternatives to Cradlepoint

Andrew Yager andrew at rwts.com.au
Mon Dec 7 17:51:04 EST 2020


I feel like someone is forever asking this question.

I'm looking for a solid alternative to Cradlepoint for a large rollout
(about 400 sites) with 4G primary connection. The sites have unreliable
power, which means things like SRXs are not a go. (I do like the 320s with
LTE mPIM "mostly").

Aside from Cradlepoint's IBR commercial model becoming a bit more
challenging with subscriptions,  we are keen for something that is solid,
basic, and reliable, and can ideally run on DC power. It's even better if
we can connect an external antenna.

Only real requirement is two ethernet ports and the ability to do IPSEC
tunnelling. BGP/VRF support would be nice (yes, over the IPSEC circuit) -
but honestly, it's a requirement that can be engineered around.

Customer would settle for something solid around the $800-$1k mark, so any
reasonable options around this price point would be *greatly* appreciated.

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