[AusNOG] IPsec issues over Telstra

Daniel Carpenter daniel.carpenter at live.com
Thu Aug 6 22:57:01 EST 2020

Hey everyone,

Anyone seeing any new issues forming IPsec IKEv2 tunnels over both Telstra.internet and Telstra.extranet lately? I've been trying to implement a new hub and spoke for a new environment using a HA pair of FortiGate 300e as the hub and Teltonika RUTX11 as the end devices. My P1 and P2 come up fine but have little luck sending any traffic. Static routes created with the tunnels on both ends appear fine. I've tested the RUTX11 on our external wan with a public IP out of our APNIC provided subnet and it works flawlessly. Not operational yet luckily but if I cant figure it out in a week or two ill be forced to do it with OpenVPN. Or configure it with IPv6.

Also new to the mailing list, Hello everyone.
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