[AusNOG] My condolences to the people trying to sort out remote learning

Mark Delany g2x at juliet.emu.st
Mon Apr 20 16:12:48 EST 2020

> > FWIW, I've never touched jitsi before in my life but even I managed

> Where? I don't mean "give me access" :-)

Awww. You don't want to join another boring meeting? You're more than
welcome to participate. How much do you know about the difficult task
of sexing chickens?

> I mean, where did you set it up? AWS, Azure, own DC? At home?

Two places: On a vm on the end of a decent FTTP NBN service and on a
binary lane VPS. Both dual-stack of course.

> Also, which cookbook did you follow?


It's aimed at relatively novice admins, but it is 100% accurate which
is more than can be said for most blogs.

The blog walks thru every command to install, setup, get the
letsencrypt cert, etc. From zero to working. The early part pushes his
favoured VPS provider, but just ignore that bit as you see fit. The
second blog is important as you otherwise have an open jitsi server.

There are also links to his youtube vids that talk you thru the steps,
but I doubt most on this list will need those as the blog covers every
step pretty well.

No affiliation with any of the above.


PS. The preferred distro of the blog is ubuntu. So I followed that
path only to discover the latest greatest gratuitous invention called
netplan. So it took me a while to grok the YAML and get the v6
interface up and running. netplan? YAML? What the fork!? DMR must be
rolling in his grave.

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