[AusNOG] dark fibre encryption

Alex Samad alex at samad.com.au
Wed Apr 8 17:30:30 EST 2020

Quick check of my network vendor , the equipment that has it is out of
price range :(


On Wed, 8 Apr 2020 at 15:43, Phillip Grasso <phillip.grasso at gmail.com>

> macsec is your best bet. Lots of vendors support it and is reasonably
> mature. better if you pick one that allows dual keys, no downtime with
> rotating keys or certs. Watch out bunch of platforms will HALVE or worse
> the performance of your gear by turning on macsec. e.g. cisco rosco
> On Tue, 7 Apr 2020 at 10:36, Alex Samad <alex at samad.com.au> wrote:
>> Hi
>> I find myself in the situation that I need to look at purchasing some DC
>> to DC.  But I find I am not that well informed about whats available. what
>> people are doing as best practise.
>> Quick google doesn't fill me with lots of options.
>> So packetlight is the current recommended vendor (their 2000 option).
>> Just looking to see whats to judge next to it
>> Alex
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