[AusNOG] Vocus Office 365 CDN corrupt again

Samuel D. Leslie sdl at nexiom.net
Sun Apr 5 18:17:41 EST 2020

Looks like the Office 365 CDN on the Vocus network is corrupt again. This has happened before (see earlier thread from February 2020). If anyone from Vocus is on this list, or someone here has any contacts at Vocus, it'd be much appreciated if you could raise it with someone who can look into it.

This has been causing some sporadic but frustrating issues on our Office 365 deployments since the start of the year. For anyone else reading this, if you're seeing Office 365 deployments running for an abnormally long time before eventually failing you may be seeing the same issue.

Affected Vocus server:
Name:       a1737.dspw65.akamai.net
Addresses:  2403:4800:3003:4::8bda:1520
Aliases:    officecdn.microsoft.com.edgesuite.net

Sample corrupted SHA-256 file hashes:
Vocus: 692D7A31176A0F26FB018613B4AE24CDC1E49481B95C890A0674637FFE0DA9E9
Correct: B4295DCB07D3F7753B6D939CF950FA63419DD0D85C931580777C419F5C6DD32E

Samuel Leslie

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