[AusNOG] 193 North Quay, Brisbane anyone?

David Hughes david at hughes.com.au
Thu Apr 2 16:01:19 EST 2020

Hey everyone,

I've got a "friend of a friend" type problem.  In these interesting times, the occupants of a floor of 193 North Quay, Brisbane 4000 didn't ever expect to have their workforce remote to the office.   Their current connectivity isn't cutting it and apparently a fall back 4G solution isn't working well either.

It's a pretty chunky looking building with some tenants I know would use decent bandwidth.  Anyone here have it lit and can deliver something like a 50m symmetric quickly?

Replies off list naturally.   I'll just pass through the info and make the introduction.  I'd appreciate any help so standard currency applies (i.e. my shout when we next cross paths ;-)



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