[AusNOG] Hey Google, why are you in bed with Telstra?

Kai vk6ksj at westnet.com.au
Thu Sep 19 22:56:09 EST 2019

On 18/9/19 8:25 pm, Mal wrote:
> On 18/09/2019 11:51 am, Jamie Lovick wrote:
>> If you have a Google Home device, please say to your Google Home Speaker
>> “Ok Google, send feedback” then wait for the Google assistant ask what is
>> the feedback then say“ Inbound and outbound Calling” and their product team
>> will receive it from your end. The more feedback the better... :)
> I really don't get why anyone would opt in to this level of home
> surveillance ..

Which of these two terms do you think consumers will find more appealing 
and be likely to provide better opportunity for vendors to record 
peoples home activities, lifestyle and personal conversations:

1. Personal surveillance, recording and bugging device which will sell 
all your data to the vendors' business partners and their extended 
2. Personal smart speaker home assistant which will personalise your 

So either the Google/Facebook/Other app on your phone/tablet/other 
device is listening, or the personal spyware speaker is listening, or 
both. Either way advertisers and marketing companies can finally do what 
they've wanted for so many years - to know everything about our 
locations, conversations, thoughts and activities.

Facebook's front page says "it's free, and always will be".
"Free" to create an account because we're agreeing to become the 
product, and the cheeky bastards don't even pay us commission.

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