[AusNOG] Adam Internet SMTP Woes

Jim Woodward jim at alwaysnever.net
Wed Sep 18 16:29:13 EST 2019

Hi Noel, 

I have also had issues in the past with iiNet and stale/outdated IP
blacklists, Ive had a VPS with VULTR for over a year now and when I
first moved my MX over to it I could send email to just about everywhere
on the planet except for iiNet, it wasnt in any of the RBL's at the

I ended up having to put in a request with their NOC to have the IP
white listed or removed, it has not been an issue since.   

Kind Regards, 


On 18-09-2019 16:02, Noel Butler wrote:

> It's a historical entry, the address range you're in, both the /24 and wider /16, was used for spamming back in march 2018 that I can see, perhaps there is stale local entry somewhere or an ironport thats ij need of kicking (if iinet still use them)
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