[AusNOG] Hey Google, why are you in bed with Telstra?

Darren Moss Darren.Moss at cloud365.com.au
Wed Sep 18 10:57:13 EST 2019

This morning you will be chatting to someone about garage doors, then this afternoon you will see garage door advertising whilst browsing the internet.

Tomorrow you will be on YouTube where the first “suggested” video is a garage door opener demonstration.


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You always pay, one way or another :P

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I already don't pay for calls.  Haven't for at least two iterations of my mobile contract.

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The next generation of phone (and smart speaker users) don’t pay for phone calls.


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Google and Telstra have teamed to permit mobile voice calls to be made from the search giant’s smart speakers.


Sharing mainly because we got a mention in the article ‘haha’.
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