[AusNOG] EdgeRouter IPv6 on AussieBB

Alex Wakefield AlexWakefield at fastmail.com.au
Sun Sep 8 14:12:59 EST 2019


Does anyone have a working IPv6 setup for an EdgeRouter using the AussieBB beta? I'm using an EdgeRouter Lite running v2.0.6.

My internal interface manages to get IPs out of the range handed out by Aussie but clients never get an address after that. I'm trying to use SLAAC to hand out IPs. Relevant config on my internet facing port below.

ethernet eth0 {                 
    address dhcp                
    description AussieBB        
    dhcpv6-pd {                 
        pd 1 {                  
            interface eth2.20 { 
                host-address ::1
                prefix-id 0     
                service slaac   
            prefix-length 56    
        rapid-commit enable     
    duplex auto                 
    firewall {                  
        in {                    
            ipv6-name AussieIn  
            name AussieIn
        local {                 
            ipv6-name AussieLocal
            name AussieLocal
        out {                   
            ipv6-name AussieOut
            name AussieOut
    ipv6 {                      
        address {               
    speed auto


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