[AusNOG] Risks to country and business infrastructure.

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Hi Chris,

In no way intending to be facetious, but given the sensitive nature of your request you could at a minimum include a PGP key in your email signature.

(...and I am aware of the irony that I have not either)

Kind regards,


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> Subject: [AusNOG] Risks to country and business infrastructure
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> Dear colleagues,
> As many of you are aware there are many gaps that have been discovered in
> the hosting space and data centre centres over the years that I saw while
> managing director of my previous hosting enterprise. Some of you may know
> me quite intimately others who don?t I greet and say hello.
> I?m now working with a select group of specialists to form a new security
> service that will help assist with technology and build hardware devices
> that assist in solving (not mitigating) these risks.
> Examples of this include TIA942 and the Uptime Institute specs requiring
> bullet proof glass yet no one has a procedure to stop 1kg let alone 100kg
> of servers filled with explosives from entering our data centres disguised
> as normal server equipment within fully racks brought in by clients during
> colo moves.
> As you may be already aware at the time I last brought this to your
> attention I was asking if the risk exposed our stock market in the case
> that the ASX still continued to provide colo services, as that would put
> our entire share market in jeopardy..... is that still the case? Can anyone
> from the asx respond?
> I?ve spoken to many directors since I sold my businesses and I don?t
> believe anyone has stepped up to solving this risk (including ASIO or
> CSIRO) so my group will do our best to suggest the most cost effective ways
> to efficiently make the devices and provide them to you within a reasonable
> timeframe.
> If you have seen gaps in technology software in business, lga, state or
> federal run institutions, including airports, rail, mines, ports
> authorities, banks, apra members, we need to know about it. Please email a
> confidential email to chrismackozdell at gmail.com with 7 day expiry method so
> that I can print off your concerns and safely store them until our group
> meets for discussions in relation to your and our risks that we?ve seen
> over the years.
> If you could please reply at your convenience, it would be appreciated.
> Kind and warm regards from Pilbara WA,
> Chris Macko
> Master Director
> Macko Corporation Pty Ltd
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