[AusNOG] Best Price for Singapore to Sydney capacity?

James Braunegg james.braunegg at micron21.com
Wed Sep 4 15:23:52 EST 2019

Dear Nick

We just signed to use ASC via a global partner of ours and couldn’t be happier, pricing was awesome !

It’s great to see capacity pricing from Singapore to Australia getting closer to matching the USA to Australia routes and other global cable systems which charge less than $1.00 USD per mbit.

On ASC we prefer the inland route across Australia as services can terminate directly from Perth into Melbourne instead of going to Sydney first.

Kindest Regards

James Braunegg

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Hi Nick

You have two options as nobody should be using SEA-ME-WE 3

Pricing wise ASC is much cheaper than Indigo.

For 1G you should be close to $1.5 mbit US on ASC to Sydney

Indigo charge a lot more but the submarine cable goes all the way to Sydney but pricing is about $3.00 mbit US

For the premium price Indigo is not worth it, I recommend using ASC.


On Wed, Sep 4, 2019 at 1:08 PM Nick Evendor <nickevendor at outlook.com<mailto:nickevendor at outlook.com>> wrote:
With three submarine cable systems now in operation between Singapore and Perth what is the best price for 1G from Singapore to Sydney after you haggle the price and from which provider?


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