[AusNOG] AAPT Brisbane Outage - 26/05/2019

Ricki Cook ricki.cook at hillsong.com
Sun May 26 12:00:11 EST 2019

Same here.

We've had E-Lines in Brisbane go down & some NBN in parts of the Gold Coast.

One of the Brisbane E-Lines was restored 20 mins later & other NBN IP-VPN circuits on the Gold Coast weren't affected at all.

Fairly random..
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Yep :(

Many dozens of services in QLD, both Layer-2 and Layer-3; NBN and DSL.

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Hi Guys,

Did anyone else notice an AAPT outage about 30 minutes ago in Brisbane?

We have hundreds of services down, NBN, EoC MBE, fibre,etc.

I’m assuming it’s a rather wide scale since it all went pop at around the same time.


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