[AusNOG] 3/4G modem sms

Philip Saunders phil at cyric.id.au
Wed May 15 21:14:42 EST 2019

On 15/05/2019 5:01 pm, Nick Edwards wrote:
> We've been using a huawei e160 in a pc for sending alerts sms's, now we 
> need to replace it since telstra are no longer giving us 3G on 2100, 
> only 900, this stick is "e" version, so only 850, no good to us.
> Everything around at present seems to be the new all in one wifi 4G 
> wonders that work as ethernet, which it is what we dont want since it 
> cant be used for our purposes, or certainly not easily, has anyone got 
> any suggestions on the true modem type 4G sticks, or even cheap 3G that 
> works on 900 if its 20 bucks dirt cheap since I'm told telstra will 
> likely in 2020 be shutting down its 3G network completely.

Telstra are planning to start their 3G decommissioning project in 2020,
with a final shutdown target of 2024.


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