[AusNOG] 3/4G modem sms

Nick Edwards nick.z.edwards at gmail.com
Wed May 15 17:01:59 EST 2019


We've been using a huawei e160 in a pc for sending alerts sms's, now we
need to replace it since telstra are no longer giving us 3G on 2100, only
900, this stick is "e" version, so only 850, no good to us.

Everything around at present seems to be the new all in one wifi 4G wonders
that work as ethernet, which it is what we dont want since it cant be used
for our purposes, or certainly not easily, has anyone got any suggestions
on the true modem type 4G sticks, or even cheap 3G that works on 900 if its
20 bucks dirt cheap since I'm told telstra will likely in 2020 be shutting
down its 3G network completely.

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