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Frankly it's a travesty that there should be geographic price specificity.
The whole justification for a government monopoly on internet wholesale was
to avoid the sort of penalisation of remote areas that happens in a free

I don't see the NBN's focus on delivery in the last mile has achieved
anything the private sector wouldn't have, other than slower speeds, higher
data prices, slower delivery, apart from monopoly returns for government.

Now if we were wearing these costs with the invisible benefit of
subsidising the building out of national data carriage, that might be
acceptable. Unfortunately the national data carriage that NBN was supposed
to deliver remains invisible.

Kind regards

Paul Wilkins

On Thu, 2 May 2019 at 09:59, Philip Loenneker <
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> Apparently the co-contribution installation cost will not exceed $5000,
> but keep in mind that it's only available in areas already serviced by
> FttP, FttN/B, FttC and HFC. So unfortunately it isn't currently an option
> for those wanting to get away from the pains of Fixed Wireless.
> NBN give discounts to the RSP for 3 year terms, which RSPs should pass on
> to the end customer. But the zone of the premises also has a significant
> impact on the per month price. We have to run a quote through the NBN EE
> portal to confirm pricing every time due to the variables that impact the
> final cost.
> I can't give pricing information on here, but if anyone wants an
> indication of price for a specific address, send me the address, speed and
> contract term privately and I'll get something to you. My apologies if this
> is a grey area in terms of list charter, but I suspect this will be a case
> of people asking out of curiosity rather than with an intention to purchase
> a product, and I don't think anyone is likely to publish much information
> publicly due to the complexity.
> Regards,
> Philip Loenneker | Network Engineer | TasmaNet
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> That was my first thought too and I couldn't find a concrete figure per
> month for it, but I did find a document saying you were eligible for a free
> build on a 3 year contract (may be inaccurate/specific to that provider I
> found offering that, YMMV) so you'd basically just be paying the up-front
> build fee over time, but for those with bad connections that are desperate
> to get onto Fibre, that may be preferable.
> Good to know there is another option there, even if it's unlikely most
> people can/will utilise it.
> Cheers,
> Ayden
> On 2/5/19, 7:32 am, "Philip Loenneker" <Philip.Loenneker at tasmanet.com.au>
> wrote:
>     Enterprise Ethernet is certainly a better product, but the costs
> aren't necessarily suitable for a residential customer, regardless of the
> possibility of a free build (which is not always the case).
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>     On Wed, 1 May 2019, Beeson, Ayden wrote:
>     > That is spot on, but I haven’t seen a single quote come back that
> was in the price range you would actually consider going ahead with.
>     >
>     > Admittedly that was for FTTN -> FTTP upgrades, but still I always
> got the feeling those “choices” were priced to make it unaffordable to
> regular consumers on purpose, meaning that quote price is effectively sunk
> money.
>     >
>     > I’ll be very interested to see what the FTTC -> FTTP quotes come
> back at, it’s a lot less fibre length to run but still requires a lot of
> the same types of work in the end so I’m not expecting much.
>     $5100 https://whrl.pl/Rfme7I which is ridiculous although these posts
> from
>     2016 https://whrl.pl/ReLT5w and https://whrl.pl/ReLVZj claim why it's
> expected.
>     Really if you want fibre you may as well take advantage of the free
> builds on nbn enterprise ethernet at the moment than do a tech change.
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