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On Wed, 1 May 2019, Beeson, Ayden wrote:

> That is spot on, but I haven’t seen a single quote come back that was in the price range you would actually consider going ahead with.
> Admittedly that was for FTTN -> FTTP upgrades, but still I always got the feeling those “choices” were priced to make it unaffordable to regular consumers on purpose, meaning that quote price is effectively sunk money.
> I’ll be very interested to see what the FTTC -> FTTP quotes come back at, it’s a lot less fibre length to run but still requires a lot of the same types of work in the end so I’m not expecting much.

$5100 https://whrl.pl/Rfme7I which is ridiculous although these posts from 
2016 https://whrl.pl/ReLT5w and https://whrl.pl/ReLVZj claim why it's 

Really if you want fibre you may as well take advantage of the free builds 
on nbn enterprise ethernet at the moment than do a tech change.

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