[AusNOG] L2 4G Dongles

Khan McDonald khan.mcdonald at cirruscomms.com.au
Wed May 1 08:45:35 EST 2019

Hi Ross,
Thanks for the quick response. Yes multiple people have 2SG have contacted me. 

Much appreciated.


Khan McDonald
Network Operations Manager
Cirrus Communications Pty Ltd 
Direct:  02 4336 2053
Switch: 02 4336 2000

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iSeek do.  Through their wholesale 2SG arm.  Very good too.
Let me know if you can't find a contact.

Kind regards
Ross Marston

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Subject: [AusNOG] L2 4G Dongles

Hi Guys,
Just wondering if anyone knows of a company that sells 4G dongles as a L2 service? We had Platform Networks back in the day…not sure if its even possible tbh.


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