[AusNOG] going rate for a rooftop installation?

Jonathan Brewer jon.brewer at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 12:54:19 EST 2019

Variables affecting price (which can range from free to $5k USD per antenna
per year) include:

   1. Whether the antenna is to service a tenant of the building, or if to
   provide service to others from the building.
   2. If to service a tenant of the building, size & mounting arrangements
   can impact the price. Non-penetrating mounts can keep the cost lower.
   3. When using the building to provide service to others, cost can vary
   depending on
      1. Size of the market
      2. Commercial / industrial / residential
      3. Grade of the building
      4. Size of the antenna(s)
      5. Number of antenna(s)
      6. Power level of antenna(s)
      7. Inside space requirements
      8. Access requirements (i.e. 24/7 unaccompanied or 8/5 accompanied)
   4. Whether this is a separate lease between the building owner & antenna
   owner, or an addition to a tenant lease.
   5. If the building is managed by a management company or an
   6. Whether the rooftop is managed as a shared space by a body corporate

I've done this hundreds of times across multiple Asia-Pac markets. It's not
really fun so I charge full rate for the work. These days I try to have a
design first, with drawings rendered in SketchUp, details on mounts, cable
routing, make good when removed, lease terms, and suggested pricing based
on market rates - all as part of a proposal for the building manager. In
some places it's wise to offer the building management office free Internet
as part of the lease, but always get that well-documented in the proposal.

Also I know someone is going to ask, so yes, I've co-sited lasers. But not
space lasers. Yet.

On Mon, 3 Jun 2019 at 23:03, Karl Auer <kauer at biplane.com.au> wrote:

> Someone wants to put an antenna on a roof. A pole-and-two-struts kind
> of thing. What sort of price should they expect to pay? Is there a
> "going rate" or is it a case-by case thing?
> Regards, K.
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