[AusNOG] Vocus decided to Not?

Michael J. Carmody michael at opusv.com.au
Mon Jun 3 15:41:28 EST 2019

Again anyone can drop the ball, but isn't the ENTIRE point of a DC operator that you get the basics like power and general uptime on lock?


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Little bird told me a DC lost power in a whole section. Also seeing multiple outages on Megaport.


On 3/6/19 3:33 pm, Nathan Brookfield wrote:
Hi Michael,

We've seen services from multiple providers drop which is unusual, the noticeable one was losing a Megaport Router server and some VXC's as well so not sure how this can be Vocus related but you never know.

Kindest Regards,
Nathan Brookfield (VK2NAB)

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Saw a ~20minute outage across pretty much all of Vocus routing. Definitely affected access to Amcom Voice and customers in Melbourne on their VIE product.

Anyone else see anything? Their support line background noise sounds like a war zone, and we just got added to a ticket for "Major Incident"

Kind Regards,
Michael Carmody

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