[AusNOG] New voice payload issues? Vocus QLD

Elliott Willink elliott at willink.net.au
Wed Jan 30 15:00:04 EST 2019

Hi All,

After incident #20495093 (http://status.vocus.com.au/view-incident.aspx?IncidentID=475) was resolved last week we have had consistent reports from multiple customers of one way audio for inbound calls to QLD DIDs on Vocus CTS.

One way audio is always the same (inbound call, customer reports they can't hear calling party but calling party can hear the customer. Calling party calls back and the audio stream is fine). At a guess 5 to 10% of calls are impacted.

Vocus NOC initially blamed 'mobile networks not being reliable' as our example calls were not land-line, then packet loss in our network after we provided land-line examples. I captured a faulting call at an edge switch facing them and Vocus is sending us an empty RTP stream (payload entirely made up of 0x54 (g711.a idle?). The faulting calls behave the same from Vocus's Melbourne and Sydney SBC's and are isolated just to QLD in-dials so I'm somewhat convinced this is some sort of flow on effect of the incident last week.

In the interests of expediting a resolution has anyone else had similar issues? I've had a ticket open since Friday and Vocus are telling me nobody else has reported anything... It's slow progress.


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