[AusNOG] microsoft online service Telstra DNS issues.

Daniel Whitehead daniel at whitehead.id.au
Wed Jan 30 09:21:22 EST 2019

Global outage


related to DNS https://twitter.com/AzureSupport/status/1090371161911812096

On Wed, Jan 30, 2019 at 9:18 AM simon thomason <sapage at sapage.net> wrote:

> Is anyone else having issues with getting to MS online service using
> Telstra DNS?
> We have had issues this morning with resolving DNS using Telstra DNS for
> only MS service but have pointed our upsteam DNS to alternative providers
> which have fixed the problem.
> I have been told MS are having a major outage but just interested to see
> why it is only on Telstra for us.
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