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Exactly what Matt said. The only thing I have to add is that the business grade services over NEBS (traditional NBN over FttP, FttN, FW, HFC and Satellite) are usually a case of adding one or more traffic classes to the service so that the traffic is prioritised within the NBN network, not just in the RSP network. You can read up on TC1 and TC2 in the WBA documentation here:

It is important that if you get a service with additional traffic classes that the CPE knows how to utilise them, or the service is default-mapped to the new traffic class, otherwise you may not see the full benefits of it. You may want the RSP to supply a suitable CPE, or ask for documentation on what configuration you need to apply.

As a side note, we've onboarded 3 Enterprise Ethernet services so far and we're seeing awesome results. The process is not quite as smooth as we would like, but while it's such a new product, NBN are constantly tweaking and improving the process and the new portal that manages it.

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Hi Matt 

It is the same FTTP NTD so you can order if you’re in an existing FTTP area. The only exception is if you order enterprise Ethernet then it is a different NTD as that is not a GPON based service. 

Hope this helps 

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> On 28 Jan 2019, at 8:58 pm, Matt Selbst <matt.j.selbst at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know if NBN business grade services run off the same NTU as residential grade services?
> If I have NBN FTTH in my house or apartment does that mean I can order NBN business grade services over this or is a different NTU and fibre lead-in used for business grade?
> Also does anyone have rough ballpark pricing for business grade ethernet over NBN?
> -Matt
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