[AusNOG] NBN as an end to end solution - Failure or Success?

Chris Hurley chris at minopher.net.au
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NBN ws a classic case of a race horse designed by a committee (you get a 3
legged camel) and noses in the trough. It¹s now here and a growing a number
of customers are resisting moving across but under the rules once in an area
you have X months to migrate ­ end of story so a new monopoly. To eventually
be sold off for a profit??????

Personally the original plan of fibre to the house was the correct solution,
and some people 100¹s of Km from main route mmm sadly might have to accept
an alternative solution or pay $$$$$, but touchy feely people didn¹t like
that reality. The NBN got too political to achieve what the initial design
wanted sadly. New Zealand went with fibre to the node stage 1 then stage 2
fibre to the house.

Another minor fact that slipped through was Telstra offered free of charge
to connect every politicians office (and maybe home to fibre ­ source vary)
so of course our leaders think internet is great. I was at a Malcom Turnball
town hall meeting when he promised the world with the NBN and his minders
tried to shut down my questions "Why are politicians getting Œfree¹ fibre
and the people in this area can¹t even get sub ADSL speeds".


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As a telco mentor of mine said (no names as he¹s on this list)
³NBN co are doing a good job with a sh&t set of policies.²
Kind regards,

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Hi all, 


I'm just trying to get myself a little bit better informed about NBN as an
end to end solution. I see a lot of angst out in the community about the
different access types (FTTx) and the remaining aging Copper portion of the
network and how far behind we are. I also see people happy with the upgrades
and improvements. So it's hard to gauge the real success or failure of the


Currently I've been seeing people using "NBN" both as a tool to vent
frustration about the Government and their own Internet access. All that
aside, with the mixed media network we have now, is it as bad as people say?
Or is it just a case of an incremental step forward?



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