[AusNOG] Recommended replacements/improvements for Cisco 891-F

Rhys Hanrahan rhys at nexusone.com.au
Wed Jan 9 11:12:55 EST 2019

Hi Guys,

Just hoping to get some recommendations for an entry/mid level Cisco CPE for our customer sites running higher-speed business fibre connections. Not really looking at alternative vendors right now as the team has standard configs, processes and familiarity with IOS. IOS-XE would be fine.

We have been using the Cisco 891s then 891-Fs for a large number of sites, but even the Fs are showing their age. It’s hard to get hard figures on throughput aside from the 50 Mbps on the older gen models, but we are clearly hitting limits with > 100 Mbps connections, or > 10K PPS.

If there’s anyone from Cisco Sales who can get in touch and give me some guidance that would be appreciated, but general feedback would also be great. Ideally looking at something close to the price of the existing 891-F, but then also a higher price model that may get us better performance and can be recommended for > 500 Mbps connections etc…

Looking for models that can handle the following:

  *   At least 500 Mbps throughput, preferably 1 Gbps. (expecting for unencrypted traffic but at least 200-300 Mbps of ipsec traffic is also desired)
  *   Dual gigabit WAN – with at least 2x RJ45 WAN ports, and preferably at least 1 SFP WAN port.
  *   Want to handle at least 20K packets per second.
  *   Ability to have a direct 4G SIM or at least direct 4G USB dongle would be ideal.
  *   Handling VDSL for NBN for would ideal.

In terms of notable features that add impact to throughput set we use:

  *   We do NetFlow/TopTalkers on both the LAN and WAN interfaces. (This makes a large impact on 891s)
  *   SNMP monitoring
  *   Shaping with CBWFQ (sometimes with NBAR) and DSCP.
  *   Policy Based Routing
  *   IP SLA / Tracking
  *   NAT
  *   IPSec VPNs
  *   Some light OSPF and BGP use.

Right now I’ve been looking at:

  *   Cisco 1100-8P – hard to get solid throughput figures on this for normal traffic.
  *   Cisco 4221 – This has stated throughput figures but it seems ridiculously low for the price (even before the throughput boost license) compared to an older gen 891. So this makes me think there must be a better option.

Any advice appreciated.


Rhys Hanrahan
Chief Information Officer
Nexus One Pty Ltd

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P: +61 2 9191 0606
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