[AusNOG] Dutton decryption bill

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Mon Sep 3 01:07:40 EST 2018

On Sun, 2 Sep 2018, Paul Wilkins wrote:

> The government is going to be able to enforce the Assistance and Access Bill, because to operate a business in Australia,
> requires a local presence. Your trade marks and intellectual property need recognition, and you require a registered company to
> conduct business and to hold bank accounts. If you won't comply with assistance/capability notices, you won't be able to conduct
> business in Australia.

Telegram and Signal have none of those and work fine here. Arguably 
neither is a business, certainly in the traditional sense of the word. And 
yet they offer precisely what the "worst of the worst" desire - end-to-end 
encryption that, as you so clearly point out, the Australian government 
has no power to prevent.

Sure they will be able to enforce it against others, but their whole 
argument for these laws is to go after those actors when it is manifestly 
ineffective for that.

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