[AusNOG] SORBS DUHL blacklist

Michelle Sullivan michelle at sorbs.net
Tue Nov 27 10:14:55 EST 2018

Michael J. Carmody wrote:
> Because the pressure applied to me by paying clients expecting their 
> emails, is greater than the pressure I exert upon google by rejecting 
> their emails.
> Maybe I am being too pragmatic for you.

Maybe you should try the other trick that I have seen done.  Those 
'paying clients that are pressuring you' turn off all blacklisting for 
them and them alone.  Make it clear to them, if they want emails from 
known spamming servers the result is an increase in Spam.... let them 
make the executive decisions.  Most mail servers now a days have the 
ability to trivially exempt clients from any spam filtering, let them 
have their spam and continue protecting the clients you want to protect.

Of course you could just keep trying to persuade people not to use X 
anti-spam service, but remember any and all mentions of SORBS helps me.  
You slinging mud at others will often result in people taking your 
'advice' as something to be ignored (even when you are right and 
justified... especially as they will know that you could easily chose 
not to use, in this case, SORBS yourself.)


Michelle Sullivan

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