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Brian Johnson gully300 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 00:53:11 EST 2018

Hi All

I don't wish to spam or clutter so the TLDR: is I'm looking for someone to
help/do a volunteer low expectation presentation about "Cyber Security" and
"China's online morality rating system" on Easter weekend.

More details if you're still reading (thank you).

I have detailed at the bottom 2 panels I would either like help with or
someone('s) to do. These presentations are not high pressure to a friendly
group of speculative/science fiction fan's, with varying tech knowledge
from none to high. They can be presented as a full formal presentation or
more of a casual discussion engaging the audience depending on peoples

The organisation running this event is Swancon <http://www.swancon.com.au> and
has been running for 43 years, I'm happy to be a co-presenter or stand
aside, depending on anyone's preference. I'm not a great solo presenter and
I'm woefully uninformed about China's online system so in desperate need of

So as not to choke the list please feel free to contact me at
brian at swancon.com.au or gully300 at gmail.com, I'm also on Facebook
<https://www.facebook.com/gully300> and LinkedIn

Hopefully as a service to this list (not a sales pitch) for allowing this
post, should anyone wish to attend the presentation('s) and/or others, you
can register on the website.

Title:    Online safety Facebook, cyber-security and identity theft

Recent events in online fan spaces have shown that your fan identity is
easily linked to your government assigned identity, and that this can have
real and difficult consequences in the work and public spaces. What are
best practices and ways to protect your data? Is 2FA for you?
What do YOU need to do to be safer?

Time:   30 Mar 2018, Friday 21:00 - 22:00, Pan Pacific Hotel Perth

Title:    Crowdsourcing the surveillance state: making the chains that bind

China is in the process of implementing an online "morality rating" system,
based on fellow users feedback, with real world consequences (access to
jobs and resources)
Some employers in the West are asking potential hires to unlock their
private Facebook and Twitter profiles as the condition of hire.
People coming into the US are being asked to unlock all their social media
on entry.

Have we managed to build the "Perfect Surveillance State" by proxy? Who has
access to the data and is using it? What can we do about any of this? The
panellists explain.

Time:   2 Apr 2018, Monday 15:00 - 16:00, East Grand River (Pan Pacific

Regards Brian
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