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Wed Mar 7 11:52:35 EST 2018

Thanks for the replies everyone, we are in contact with someone at AAPT now about this.

I am really sorry for the signature, our email system did this automatically. I've placed a rule globally now so it shouldn't happen again. I guess I deserved all the 0 reply ratings haha. 

Again, Sorry and thanks to everyone that has reached out!

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Hi AusNOG,

We have a fairly critical issue at present, and hoping that someone can contact me off-list about this from AAPT, or know someone I can contact.

Completed a service migration roughly 3 weeks ago, novating all services to a new trunk and a new account - that went well.

Come March 1, the services have been terminated when the old account was terminated (even though they were in our account) and AAPT have been unable to resolve this. This was done BY AAPT, under instruction to cancel everything from the old account - but nothing that was novated, with explicit service IDs provided to not cancel.

I still have 5 services offline since Thursday 1 March 7am with AAPT saying the ONLY thing that can be done is raise new orders and they'll try speed up the provisioning time :-(

The fault department doesn't want to hear about this as it was a cancellation - so apparently the SLAs do not apply in this instance, and I cannot seem to get this escalated in any other way!

Any help / thoughts / ideas would be appreciated greatly.
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