[AusNOG] Telstra outage in or near Equinix ME1?

Ross Wheeler ausnog at rossw.net
Wed Jul 25 16:24:28 EST 2018

On Wed, 25 Jul 2018, Chris Ford wrote:

> It's wider than just ethernet aggregation ? we have 5 of those down, but 
> we also have 8 other fibre services down as well. From our end it's isolated
> to links between ME1 and Exhibition (we have ME1 to Windsor and NextDC M1 to both that are all fine).

I'm seeing perculiar auth issues with optus/vocus 3G since the same time.

Customer tries to connect, I see auth request hit my radius and valid 
reply. Customer gets connected, then a second later "disconnected by 
remote server" and I get a flurry of auth requests for the same service.

Seen it affecting customers in NSW and Qld. Haven't seen any in Vic, but 
don't have many there so may be statistically reasonable.

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