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Depends on the vendor. Some come from the factory with dhcp enabled so you
can have services listening to that. If you setup helper addresses on the
upstream, it may be possible to infer the new hostname based on added

Unfortunately far too many don't do dhcp by default so you need to frob
over the console. That can be automated but it's quite involved.

I've no idea if off the shelf software can do any of this.


On Fri., 20 Jul. 2018, 15:07 Paul Wilkins, <paulwilkins369 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Interested to hear the experiences of anyone who's setup network boot for
> configuration recovery. My gripe is that if you're starting from bare
> metal, the hostname's not set, which means you need to manually set "boot
> host". Interested if anyone's managed to make this zero touch recovery, and
> if there's any well supported software. Yes you can roll your own, but no,
> Change Management just roll their eyes.
> Kind regards
> Paul Wilkins
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